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Recent Announcement (February 11th)

This is Michael Lively (Carlotta’s husband!) I want to take this opportunity to let you know about a computer programming Users Group that I started over a year ago after becoming unemployed.  Since then God has really blessed me, and my group is going strong! Our goal is to help people get jobs, and start new businesses which can leverage new technologies such as HTML5 Mobile.  We are here to help you!

We meet every other Saturday at my house for an hour and a half, and it is free to join.  We are meeting tomorrow, February 11th at 9 am at our home  (1849 Windingvine Ct. in Florence).  If you have any questions, please call me at 859-802-5749, or email me at livelym1@knights.ucf.edu.

Hope to see you there!


  1. livelyfbug says:

    The Flash Builder Users Group was specifically started to train under-employed and unemployed programmers and help them find work.

  2. Patrick Murphy says:

    Is the Flash Builder’s User Group taking new members?
    I’m a graphic artist at a newspaper in Detroit specializing in Flash but currently working at home on developing apps in Flash and was very intrigued by the preview release of Burrito. If it is any consolation I lived on Sanford Street in Covington from 2000 t0 2003 and the Cincinnati area until 2006.
    Go Norse.

  3. Rob Herman says:

    How do I join this FBUG? Sounds like just the thing I have been looking for. I have seen some of your tuts on YouTube and they are very helpful – would love to join in and collaborate on this

    • livelyfbug says:

      If you are in Florence just come down…but besides that we do Adobe Connect and you can just log in and listen. However, we’ve moved and I’m testing it in the library…may not work well…will let you know.

    • livelyfbug says:

      The library did not work…so we are moving back to Panera where we have better internet reception…so in two weeks we meet again…I’ll set up an adobe connect link so you can log in, listen, ask questions. Typically we have a few that log in. Let me know what you are interested in. Think about starting a project. We emphasize Flash Builder, HTML5, and mobile.

  4. Rob Herman says:

    I am interested in using Flash Builder, HTML5 for mobile devices (iPad specifically)
    I am trying to convert some existing AS3.0 Flash presentations for use on the iPad and discovering the limitations, such as no autoplay for video.

    I look forward to logging in to join (I am in the Chicago area)

    Thanks again

  5. David Eskew says:

    I see cancelations for the holidays, but when is the next meeting. I am interested in learning more about the future of Flash Builder. We are developing a basically desk-top type application and Flex seems to be the best path forward for now. Is it time to start learning something else for the future.


  6. JR says:


    I am interested in coming to one of your meetings, in regards to Flex.

    I understand you all meet at 9:00am at a Panera Bread, correct? And is that the Panera Bread in Florence, KY near the golf course (7150 Houston Rd)?

    Also, do you plan on meeting Dec. 10th?


  7. JR says:


    I am interesting in coming to a meeting. As I have something of a drive, I would like to confirm that you all are meeting on Dec. 10th, correct?

    Also to confirm you meet at the Panera Bread in Florence, KY near the golf course (7150 Houston Rd) at 9:00am, correct?

    Thank you!

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