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Going to the cloud has really expanded my list of options. I never dreamed I would be building Oracle databases and then teaching that technology to my users group (now reorganized from livelyfbug to Codemasters).


Oracle makes it easy (, and Amazon makes it easy ( So for pennies you build it online with Oracle and then shoot it up to Amazon for mobile deployment as a restful service using JSON objects.Apex online is free and Amazon has developer accounts for small usage. But be careful, if you check the wrong thing and turn on the service you could be in for a big bill! It happened to me 3 years ago – $100 over the weekend. OOPS!

Pushing excel to a database is really easy using APEX, check out the following tutorial on how it’s done:

If you want to learn more, this is the theme for my users group (now Codemasters) on Saturday. Here is a partial agenda:

Place and Time: Scheben Branch Library in Florence, Ky at 9:00 AM in the second floor conference room

Directions:US highway 42 in Union across from Union Kroger

Theme: From Excel to a Database

CMOD: Michael Lively

Speaker 1: James Lively – Code Breaker, Using Flash to Create a HTML5 Animation

Evaluator: Elyse Adams

Speaker 2: Richard White – Code Breaker, Cloud Data Base

Evaluator: Bill Luxon

Syntax of the Day: Cloud

General Evaluator: Chad Wooten

In addition, I will be handing out Codemasters materials and eval sheets.


Saturday we met and reorganized the group under the new name Codemasters and elected offices.

Mike  – President

Chad – VP Membership

Elyse – VP Education

Richard – Sgt of Arms

Bill – Secretary

We established two primary training tracts for new members

CC – Competent Coder

CM – Competent Manager

And we had a couple of project ice breakers, evaluations, Code Topic Master, Syntaxian, and a CM evaluator.

I acted as Code Master of the Day (CMOD) and the theme of the meeting was JIC – Just in time criminals where I described applying LEAN manufacturing principles to privatization of prisons. At the end the CM evaluator told us how the meeting went.

I loved it. It was great fun!