Game On! Metro App Acceleration for JavaScript 3D

Posted: June 18, 2012 in Metro Apps

C++ assembly speed for 3D JavaScript Metro Apps

OK…I did not realize this…

This weekend I did a hello world 3d Metro App example for my Users Group where I took threejs brought it into 2012RC and created a Metro App. I immediately got a performance enhancement. So when the 3D app lagged in Firefox, it zipped as a metro app (60 Hz). What happened?


Not only is the WinRT APIs built directly on the Windows Kernel (no jitting, no IL interpretation, nothing happening between your code and the fundamental kernel interfaces that executes commands), but even the layer above which goes into the languages and applications is effectively just middle. There is a mechanism that takes the C++ headers and auto-generates C# and JavaScript headers in a way consistent with those languages. When you compile and execute JavaScript or C# and look at the assembly it’s as if it had been run in C++. There is nothing that would slow you down – WOW! Metro apps are embedded in game technology – full screen, immersive, C++ like, and 60Hz.

Game On!

This further gives you the ability to expose core C++ technology to JavaScript. And if you’ve ever worked with 3D ActionScripting you will realize how significant this really is!


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