Hebrew Alphabet Flyer

Posted: January 21, 2012 in Active Projects

Here’s a fun project. Made this flyer in Photoshop for my Hebrew connect group. It took longer than I would like to admit. But the alphabet portion is really useful – check it out!

If you want the Photoshop files – email me at livelym1@knights.ucf.edu and I will send them to you.

Just a little background: Greeks adapted the Hebrew letters and added vowels which was funneled through the Romans and became our Alphabet. Hebrew is an abjad language – a system where each symbol usually stands for a consonant. So there have been a few additions since Paleo-Hebrew.

Hebrew is the root alphabet to most languages in the world. However, it’s different in that its alphabet not only gives the sound of the words but also their definition. For example Aleph-Bet means strength of the tent, or FatherJehovah means nailed creator (יְהֹוָה). God’s personal name after the fall of man.

Got a question on this –

I got a question on the origin of languages…Each letter of Phoenician (which is almost identical to the Paleo-Hebrew) gave way to a new form in its daughter scripts. Left to right:Latin, Greek, Phoenician, Hebrew, Arabic. See the image. If you are an Orthodox Jew you will believe that the Hebrew Alphabet and Man were created in the same time frame. Or more specifically, God created the letters first את and used them to create the universe. No doubt Paleo-Hebrew came from Shem (one of Noah’s son). But then again it depends on your world view.

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