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Well this meeting was all about games…we were in the final stages of wrapping up Stuart’s Financial game and discussed issues we were having. Finished the framework on Sunday! Hurray!!! PTL

Fixing amfphp server deploy channel error

1. Basically, we had an issue with amfphp not running on our server…just remove the  .htaccess file … so many people have this problem. To check  your amfphp once you’ve put it on your server,  go to and make sure your services are running…if they are, you are OK. When you run on production…remove the browser folder from amfphp so people don’t muck with your services.


2. Make sure you put amfphp in your server web root…this really makes it easier to reference as well. Here is an example of the MATE services-config file I used for our Flex deploy:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<service id=”amfphp-flashremoting-service”

<destination id=”amfphp”>
<channel ref=”my-amfphp”/>
<channel-definition id=”my-amfphp”>
<endpoint uri=”/amfphp/gateway.php”

Amfpnp Error

3. amfphp 2 also had a php error I removed…it’s easy to find…just comment out the effected lines.

Besides that we wired up all the MATE and it ran beautifully…will be releasing a template version of my MATE amfphp/sqlite framework. The back-end is sqlite/remoting using php middle tier – it’s really fast!

Other Games

Kyria and Bill…started a chineese game

Jonathan and I…started an e-learning biking game

David…continued working on his card game/memory game and getting his android web app ready for distribution.

Note: If you are worried about using amfphp versus zendamf…don’t, the same guy wrote them both. However, zendamf is the official Adobe supported one…will release a version of it in the future.


Meeting 10/15/11

Posted: October 14, 2011 in Meeting Minutes

Just a reminder that we are meeting at Panera’s on Saturday for our Users Group at 9.

Checkout Stuart’s Math Literacy Program at the link below (or the post below this one)…he’s the greatest:

It’s a real honor to be a part of this.

This weekend is all about databasing. You should already have the WAMP ( or MAMP server downloaded. We will cover:

  1. Creating a database using phpMyAdmin
  2. CRUD – Create Read Update Delete
  3. Using amfphp for remoting
  4. Pushing amfphp into a MATE format

And I have a number of examples and templates I’ll be giving out. (We will eventually move from amfphp to zend … but for what we are doing amfphp is sufficient).

See you there, Mike

I’m always blown away by the fact that you always get back more than you give. Stuart has been in livelyfbug since its beginning. His Flex is amazing, and he’s taking it to the schools with an online Math Literacy Campaign! Check out the video below…I’m so blessed.

If all I’ve done by starting livelyfbug was to help Stuart, it would be enough!