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So we are back at Panera Bread on Saturday at 9 in Florence on Hudson Rd. The internet connection was too slow at the Library.

At this meeting, we will be discussing:

Stuart’s Database SQLite (I’ll show my ID generator and discuss the login screen and amfphp)
David’s Components for
Kyria’s Adobe Edge HTML 5 project
Saying Goodbye to Karina … she got a great job in Georgia (I’m really sad to see her go, but happy for her as well)
Discussing Josh’s C# knowledge space project
Discussing Flex 3D

See you there.


We moved out of Panera Bread into the Main Branch Library since our group got so large…but I’m really going to miss Panera.

Here is what we are doing today:

Adobe EDGE (HTML 5 and CSS3 Animation)

Edge Download:

Edge Examples:

Edge Video:

Edge Practice – example, make your own.

HTML 5 SQLite Example (must open in Chrome)

Notes on a Screen:

Database on a Web Page:

Building Stuart’s Database (Flex/PHP/SQLite project)

…more coming after the meeting!

HTML5 Notes Code


This meeting was cancelled due to a holiday…it was my first real holiday in two years and it was sweet! I was contracting for two years until a month ago…it is nice to have benefits.