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During this meeting I discussed the state of 3D, demoed a few HTML5 sites, showed an IFrame demo, discussed digital voices and discussed corporate verses academic e-learning.

David demoed one of his phone apps and tweelite.

Karina provided us with a discussion of EPUB3 and gave us the links below. I’m adding SQLite to the EPUB3 so we can turn each EPUB site into an LMS. Links below:

EPUB3 Links

  •, “InDesign 5.5 to EPUB, Kindle, and iPad,” a good introduction to what EPUB structure and design best practices
  • Threepress Consulting: These are definitely like-minded folks, who are passionate about expanding the concept of what books can be. They are developing open source EPUB3 software and created the Ibis reader, an HTML5 e-reader platform that is killer.  Their team has beengracious[a1]  enough to share code and tutorials ( as well as presentation videos from the company’s founder, Liza Daly ( This is a must-visit site for anyone exploring where e-texts are headed.
  •  Institute for the Future of the Book: A think tank for “investigating the evolution of intellectual discourse,” this non-profit has a number of on-going electronic text projects and an archive of articles about, obviously, the future of books.
  • Open University: e-textbooks using EPUB3 on iTunesU
  •  HYPE: Mac OS HTML5 animations and interactive content:
  •  Calibre: E-book management
  •  epub-tools:
  • Sigil, EPUB editor:




Last meeting we discussed projects, epub, 3d, business games.

On this up coming meeting we will be discussing the state of 3D web (effect of global slow down), e-learning, David’s new demo, digital voices and e-learning format.

Also, we will be using Adobe connect today…the link is

Note: As 3D Flash 11 drags along webgl is blazing a new trail…check it

Too bad this stuff is off limits to the majority of corporate America which uses IE.

This meeting was pretty simple. We brought in a new member Kyria and discussed what she would be doing. I talked about our upcoming project with Stuart discussed his financial project. Jonathan showed some more of his 3D art. And I discussed Karina’s project and sent her some reference stuff.

Today David and I will start working on, Stuart and I will discuss his financial project, progress I have made, direction, and schedules.

Next, meeting we will most likely be moving to a larger place since we are starting to grow.