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I’ve had a number of people email and say they can’t attend this week due to Holiday weekend plans. So let’s cancel the meeting and meet at the next regular time in two weeks on 11 June at 9 at Panera on Houston Rd in Florence, KY.

If you are not in the area…use my Adobe Connect Account to login. I’ll put the link up a few days before.




Below is what we covered and the Adobe Connect recording. It’s our first Adobe Connect and was a little rough (will do better next time). Adobe Connect is perfect for what we are doing…we are really pleased with it. But with any software like this it takes a little practice…we (especially me) just need to get better at passing resources back and forth. Thanks for your patience.

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect Session

Upcoming UML Kent State Presentation…DZone Clone Reference Card in Illustrator Artboard.

Google Maps (Spark) Starter Code and Examples

David’s Example

livelyfbug goes live. Come meet with us on Adobe Connect this Saturday May 14, 9 Eastern at

See you there! Mike

We had a great meeting at Panera Bread on 4/30/11…can’t believe another one is coming up this Saturday.

David showed us another great application and I went over building forms in Mate. Stuart suggested that I do a from scratch to Mate series. The following three videos are the beginning of the like.

Flex 4 Form Validation

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:


In our upcoming meeting this Saturday, we will be looking at David’s newest application and creating Google Maps on Android…see yo there!