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Flex 4 – Mate Simple Navigation

I was doing research on Mate this weekend and I was embarrassed to find that many of my  UTube videos were popping up in Google. Now whenever I seen my own videos I always think, hey get out of town, I need to find someone that knows what he’s talking about. But there isn’t much out there on Flash Builder 4 (Flex 4) so I thought I would release some good videos (and understandable applications) in this area to help you get started.

So in this application you learn how to build a simple navigation system in Flex 4-Mate. Click on the image below to see it work and right click on the application to get the source!

Simple Mate Navigation

Simple Mate Navigation


I’m emailing this to David next and he’ll put it in Burrito – go mobile! David will show this off at our next meeting.

Some Helpful Links:

Why use Mate? (I did this one)

Mate 360 Presentation

Creating and Applying Skins


Intro (just a little rambling)

When I was a boy there were still people arguing if a mule was better than a tractor – now that really tells you how deep south I grew up. And did you know that tractor salesmen actually had to train farmers to put oil in their tractors. Enough of the trivia, but guess what, we are in the same place with software development today. Most software projects fail on one of three counts – budget, schedule, or performance. There has to be a better way. But be careful if you suggest one!

My Mule

My Mule

I once got dismissed from a job for merely suggesting that we automate code production…the angry supervisor told me they would never use automated code production techniques. I can understand that…who would want to let go of a talent that has taken you years to acquire. Of course by the time he had his one program written (and in the 80% bottleneck of debugging) I had written 4 with architectures rooted in solid frameworks that I did not create.

However don’t believe me… Adobe, Microsoft, and Google are all on the same bandwagon with programs like…Flash Catalyst, Sketch Flow, and Google Apps inventor. Sure everything isn’t perfect, but it is where everything is going (where everything must go).

Rapid code generation based on graphical interfaces built on solid frameworks …You can keep feeding your mule or start oiling your tractor.

ULM4AS (what we really did)

Well this was a great meeting. We downloaded ULM4AS and demonstrated how to create UML diagrams in Flex. This can really come in handy when working with large programs.It syncs and error checks … it will find errors that your Flex compiler will not!

Next Meeting we are starting a new mobile app…future engine!

To get started with UML4AS go to

Everything you need to get started is on this website including videos. No need for me to reiterate it here!


We had a really great meeting at Panera this Saturday. We covered the following topics:

  • Bringing XML into Burrito using the data wizard.
  • David’s new Burrito Batman Android demo (screen shot below) – Jonathan will animate characters.
Batman Burrito Game

Batman Burrito Game

  • Investment Strategy Game Review – finished!
  • Investment Strategy Game will be pushed into Burrito and Mate – this week!
  • Algebra Speak Game – started! Jonathan showed storyboard elements.
  • Getting Started with WebGL – post coming!
  • Starting a WordPress Blog – David already had one.

Things are really moving along and we are starting development on our new Algebra Speak game this week – more to come on that. And an upcoming blog post on Getting Started with WebGL is next-up on this blog.