Isometric Games and Meeting Minutes 3/5

Posted: March 5, 2011 in Flash Builder Users Group, Meeting Minutes

Posting meeting minutes again, Wow – time flew!


In this meeting we covered isometric games, David’s new Hex Phone app in Burrito, and worked on the Investment Strategies game (it’s coming out 18 March – super hurray on that one).

1. I did an overview of isometric geometries and mathematics from Keith Peters book ActionScript 3 Animation chapter 3.

2. Then we reviewed 11 possible isometric engines from Emanuele Feronato. And of course one of my favorites, Electrotank was not on the list, so make sure you visit that link at Electrotank. Electrotank has come a long way over the years, I started with it almost 8 years ago – back when you only could transfer strings on the socket – now you have it all including RTMP.

3. Our group is presently considering only three of the 12 engines:

AS3ISOLIB – from an academic perspective
OpenSpace – for its editing lab and multi-player functionality through its smartfox server.
Elecrotank – since it has so much code available and has Spring and HTML 5 extensions, and of course Mikey likes it.

4. I went into detail on how to get started with OpenSpace: using the OpenSpace Editor, creating Flash Library resources and classes, bringing those resources into the editor, and creating tiles and maps.

5. David (our lead programmer) was given the assignment to create an OpenSpace Iso-game and put it on Android using Adobe Burrito. Next group meeting I will be showing him how to put this program up on Facebook.

6. Jonathan (our lead graphics/3D guy) continues building graphics for the Algebra Speak game and is working with Dad to create an Electrotank version.

7. Next we took a look at David’s new Hex Game on his Android Phone using Burrito Air. Pretty cool …

Hex Game

Burrito Hex Game by David Crickmer

8. And  finally, Stuart and I updated the burndown chart for the Investment Strategies game which is coming out on the 18th (I guess that makes me the defacto SCRUM Master). We are creating all the join code for the SQLite Relational Database on Tuesday.



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